How to Pick a Good Caterer
Whether it's a wedding, a class reunion, a corporate meeting or any kind of event, picking a good caterer is crucial. But what do you look for in a catering service, and how do you compare different caterers?


If you're not that experienced when it comes to catering services, you'll have to start from scratch. Ask friends, relatives and coworkers for referrals, and read some online reviews too (stick to trusted consumer sites for credibility). To get more info, click Cedar Park special events caterer. The management at your event venue may also give some names of caterers that are worth recommending.


Prior to hiring a caterer, be sure you have seen their kitchen. Certainly, the environment must be clean, fresh-smelling, and overall professional. Anything short of that and you have a catering staff that has no genuine pride or interest in what they do - and one that you're better off avoiding.


Because there is a whole variety of catering services out there, you need to pick the one that best fits your needs and requirements. Discuss any menu ideas you may have with the caterer, and make sure to mention any special considerations to be made, such as some guests being allergic to certain foods. You just want to enjoy your event instead of worrying about guests.


If you're not sure how many people you'll need, here's a cheat sheet:

Buffet - about two servers for each thirty guests For a large gathering, have two or three extra people to take charge of clearing dishes and restock chafing stations.

Sit-Down Meal - one server per eight guests, plus people to serve drinks

Bar Staff - one bartender/one bar-back per fifty guests You'll need more bartenders if you plan to set up specialty drink stations.

Remember, there should be a captain of service for each six staff members, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Your Input
You may just want to provide a menu outline and give the caterer the free rein to deliver good results.To get more info, visit catering services Cedar Park. Still, you have to work closely with your chosen caterer throughout the event.

Menu Tasting

As you may guess, this is another important part of deciding to hire a certain caterer. You need to give your final approval of the menu, as well as sample everything on it before the event date.

Make sure you are specific about your budget, and that the quote you receive is good for the caterer's full service, from setting up to packing up to all staffing considerations. Finally, confirm with the caterer that there will be no hidden or additional fees and costs before signing the contract.

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